Canopies and mechanical bull

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10x10 Shade Canopy $40.00 per day 

This canopy is NOT to be left unattended as it is considered a temporary shelter! If there is inclement weather, you should take the canopy down immediately. Any rain and winds over 10-15 MPH will damage the canopy. Water that collects on the canopy top will also destroy the structure of your canopy.

We advise you to never leave the canopy up overnight and unattended under inclement weather conditions. Customer will be held responsible for ANY weather damages. It is to the customer’s best judgment in determining the best weather conditions for the canopy.

Patio Heaters $65.00 per day
Rent two and save $10.00
Price Includes a Full tank of Propane which will last approximately 6 hours on low heat.
Use your own propane tank. Rental price W/O Propane $50

Portable Restrooms $110. per day
Pedestal Sink $40 per day


12x20 canopy only $130
12x40 canopy only $210
20x20 canopy only $130.
20x30 canopy only $170.
20x40 canopy only $210.

* Price Includes 2 sidewalls. 
Additional sidewalls $20 each 

Canopy special #1
One 20x20 canopy 
5- rectangle tables
total $180.00

Canopy special #2
One 20x30 canopy 
5- rectangle tables
total $220.00

Canopy special #3
One 20x40 canopy 
5- rectangle tables
total $260.00

Please note Canopies are delivered from Azusa. Delivery fee may apply 15 miles outside of Azusa, Ca. Please call for details
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The Mechanical Bull is the center of attention at any party or event. This Mechanical Bull is great for all ages. This Mechanical Bull is great for all ages, can be controlled for slow movement for smaller kids, and can also buck and spin really fast for teens to adults. Price includes an operator attendant for the duration of the event.

$125 per hour for 3 hours minimum 

$100 an hour for 5 hour minimum
*delivery fee may apply

Rockola Rental now available for $125 per day

Rockola or Juke box is great way to liven up any party. It if filled with over 10,000 songs from different genres. Let the music play throughout your party or use the wireless microphones to karaoke with your friends.